ឬស (khmer pronounce: ryy s) = family origins​

We believe stories can guide you through life. Like the ancient civilizations used their mythology to make sense of the world. The ancient khmers had stories of their own. Our mission is to celebrate traditional and modern khmer arts culture world wide.

The name comes from the khmer word “ryy s” which means roots. Several decades ago the khmer rouge started a genocide in Cambodia and with that also erasing our cultural richness. The war has scattered us all across the globe and it still has it remarks on nowadays generation. Ryysa attempts to be a reminder of this story we all share. It is acknowledgement, unity and celebration with a dark edge.

We mix asian styles with hip hop, emphasizing khmer culture. Think of what Wu Tang did with Shaolin, the vibes of Nunjabes, Afro Samurai but in khmer style. We focus on the arts. Its the rap, the poetry, dances, acting, film making, designs and tattoos, graffiti, martial arts and much more.


Illustrated Tee White
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All Logos Tee Black
Illustrated Sweater Black
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