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FEBRUARI 23, 2020;

When you’re just starting a business, knowing the right people for your company helps you a lot. Especially the ones who have a passion for their craft. I’ve known Raksa Uy from our home country the Netherlands. He’s a passionate videographer and like me he is also a dutch Cambodian. Both growing up in a western society, but with roots in Cambodia. His photographing skills are amazing and they look very professional. 

When artists works with RYYSA, I like to give them total freedom with their craft, because I believe only then they express themselves the best. When they have the space and freedom to express, their best work will come out. The only frame I’ll give them are guidelines to  what our clothing is about.

Photography by RAKSA.NL

We went to a rooftop near the trainstation in the Phnom Penh. On the late afternoon when the sun almost sets. Photographers call it the golden hour. The two models who came to this day of shooting were Amélie, a lovely Cambodian girl from Canada and Usha, who is half Indian and half Cambodian. I brought our Tees with me and one sweater with the RYYSA logo embroidered. Since it was the first shoot, I had no idea on how to handle, so I thought best is to let them free and experiment, play with the shoot. The photo’s came out very nice I’d say. One other photographer came with us, her name is Monyroth, 16 years old and started photography just half a year ago. And she came from her own initiative, which is very nice to see. I appriciate those who take initiative and are eager to learn, so I let her took some photo’s aswell.


One more photographer came along. Her name is Monyroth Chamroeun, 16 years old and just started photography. She joined todays shoot on her own initiative to watch and to learn. I like people who come along on their own initiative, that indicates to me that they have a passion for what they do. She also brought her analog camera with her and wanted to experiment with it. See the photos above, beautiful. An interview is coming up about her, if you’re curious about what she has to say, check our sites for regular updates.

As far as how our first shoot went. I found it very refreshing, new and I thought it went very well. The models, both the photographers, seemed to have had a lot of fun.